10 Perfectly Good Reasons to Use a Self Storage Unit

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There are a lot of reasons why self storage is a smart idea for lots of different people. Perhaps you are moving house and have some valuable items that you can’t take with you to your new house. If you don’t want to get rid of the latter then self storage might just be the perfect solution for you. This means you don’t need to clutter up your brand-new house, need to go through the hassle of throwing valuable items away or have to turn to friends and family to save things in your place. Self storage likewise makes it convenient to maximise your living space or simply make room for something else. Particularly useful if you don’t have adequate room in the office for all your essential documents or if you have a big collection of souvenirs and no room for it at home.

Self storage is the best solution for individuals searching for somewhere to store products. A lot of self storage locations are available in residential and office districts so they are very practical.

Here are ten top reasons why self storage is a terrific option as cited by reputable rental storage companies like “AAA Storage”:

  1. You can choose a self storage device near to where you live at the minute or near your brand-new home so that access is made easy and convenient.
  1. You need just lease as much space as you require; for that reason you are not losing any money. You also will have free access 24/7.
  1. Security is of critical value when it pertains to self storage. The majority of units will have security arrangements to make sure that all your precious products are kept safe and away from harm. Keep an eye out for systems that are climate controlled if you’re storing antiques and expensive works of art.
  1. Self storage units are cost effective as you can tailor the service to fit your requirements. Choose the size and the time-frame you desire the device for to ensure that you just spend for exactly what you require.
  1. A self storage system is the best option if you require space to fix your home or carry out any home designing.
  1. If you run a company from home or are struggling to find space to arrange all your files in the office, then self storage is an excellent place to keep all your workplace items or sensitive documents that you’d rather not entrust to someone else.
  1. If you are a little bit of a hoarder then it may be time to clear up the clutter. If you do not wish to toss things away then putting all your excess furnishings, books and other knick knacks in a self storage system might be the answer.
  1. If you’re selling your house but not quite ready to move your stuff over to your new home. A hire storage unit can serve as a temporary shelter for your property until then.
  1. For those who have a pastime that takes up a lot of area such as gathering sports souvenirs, a self storage system is the ideal location to save your collection. Here your collection will remain safe and out of the way.
  1. Lastly, if you are an athlete or a keen sportsperson then you might collect a great deal of sports equipment or awards over your sporting career. These can use up a great deal of room which can clutter up your home and garage.

If you think that self storage might be the answer to all your storage issues then visit reputable websites like http://www.aaastorageunits.com.au/advice-on-choosing-storage-units-in-warragul.html to check your options. They should be able to tell you more about how rental self storage units work and what it can do for you.


Does Your Storage Make Sense?

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What do your storage spaces look like? Do you know exactly where to go when you are looking for something? Is your system logical? Designing a meaningful storage space requires a lot more than just putting stuff in a closet, drawer, or cabinet. You need STRUCTURE — some proven guidelines to follow while setting up your storage spaces. Let’s begin with these basic organizing principles:


You can’t create a truly useful space unless you have an END RESULT in mind. Start by asking yourself what you want from your storage. Are you concerned about maximizing space? Being able to see everything you own? Protecting your treasures? Cutting down on time spent dusting? Creating a focal point for the room? Displaying or concealing your belongings?

Then remember these objectives as you organize. Your choice of supplies and storage location should be determined according to what you hope to accomplish with your organizing efforts. Everything you do — whether it’s cleaning out or buying a container or expanding a closet — should be an effort to accomplish these goals.


Look around your house — do you see anything that is clearly out of place? Any bowling balls stored in the kitchen or power tools thrown in with the toys? Don’t laugh — I’ve actually seen both of these situations! Your storage will serve you better if you think in terms of logical categories. Think back to those exercises when you were in kindergarten — “which of these things go together.”

Begin by sorting your belongings according to purpose — sports, travel, grooming. Then group similar items together travel accessories with your luggage, rags in the same place as other cleaning equipment, office supplies in one spot. Don’t forget accessories and related items — keep the knife sharpener with your cutlery and the extra bits with the drill.


Before you can create an organizing “grand plan,” you need to take stock of your belongings. Do you have sporting goods scattered all over the house, clothes in three different closets, and miscellaneous “homeless” items here and there? Make a room-by-room tour — be sure to collect up everything you want to store in a particular storage space BEFORE you begin organizing. There is nothing more frustrating than designing the perfect closet, then realizing that you forgot 15 pairs of shoes!


A large part of being organized is having a set spot for everything you own. As you sort through your stuff, create a pile of “homeless items” that need to be incorporated into your storage spaces. Then do your best to find a logical place for each — no halfway spots allowed! You shouldn’t have to guess where to put something.

Each time you assign an item to a storage space, ask yourself why you are stashing it there. Because it’s close to where you will use it? Because it will be easy to see or reach? Because that’s the first place you would think to look for it? If you don’t have a GOOD REASON for storing an item in a certain place, please rethink your decision. The worst mistake you can make is to randomly stash your belongings around your home or office — how will you ever find them again?!


Getting at your belongings shouldn’t require a lot of strain or effort. Take a quick look at your existing storage — do you bend and stretch to reach items you use all the time? You can make your life great deal easier by keeping motion in mind as you organize. Throughout your home or office, you will find a variety of places in which to stash your stuff.

Storage spaces that fall at or near eye-level are considered PRIMARY storage — these areas are easily accessible, and should really be reserved for items you use on a daily basis. Look around — is your primary storage cluttered with objects you rarely touch? Could these be moved a bit further away — to a SECONDARY storage area between knee and shoulder height? And what do you do with those incredibly inaccessible spaces — such as the garage, high cabinets, or the back of the closet? This TERTIARY storage is meant for items that you use only a few times a year — like holiday decorations, memorabilia, and archived records.


You should strive to choose a storage space that is APPROPRIATE for it’s contents. There are so many factors to take into account — an object’s size, shape, “breakability,” and weight. Are you storing heavy boxes on a high shelf? Sounds like a concussion waiting to happen! And you should always try to match form with function as you evaluate your storage spaces — how can you best use shallow shelves, a tall thin cabinet, or a deep desk drawer? Organizing requires a balance between creativity and common sense.


You can’t just throw any old box of stuff in a storage space and call it “organized.” Some of your belongings are going to require a little more special treatment. Even those items that you wouldn’t normally consider to be “fragile” can be damaged by the climate. Attics, garages, and basements are usually the most at-risk. Are your storage spaces climate-controlled? Do they get really hot in the summer? Cold in the winter? Damp when it rains or is humid? Do you have problems with insects or other rodents? You may need to wrap an item, toss in some cedar chips, or purchase a special container before you stash your belongings away. If you think there is any chance of damage, pick a different storage space.


Have you ever had to open 6 different boxes to find what you were looking for? Organizing supplies should make your life easier, not hide your belongings away from the light of day! Use see-through clear plastic containers and label everything — shelves included! You should immediately recognize the contents simply by looking at the container. Accessories such as drawer / shelf dividers, lazy susans, pull-out baskets, and stackable shelves can also help you make the most of your storage by subdividing larger spaces.


Remember that your storage is an ever-changing and dynamic part of your life. You can’t just set up a storage system and think that you are “finished.” As you acquire new possessions — as your lifestyle and interests change — your storage needs will evolve. The first rule is don’t fill your cabinets, closets, and drawers to capacity. Leave approximately 15% of your storage space free for all those great future purchases. Also be willing to adjust your system as your needs change — what seemed like a good idea at one point may require some improvement down the road.

Moving and Storage Companies

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Business establishments may have inventories that require storage and moving of their products. Although the items are available, there is no space for storage. This is where the demand for moving and storage companies comes in.


A self-storage unit can be rented or leased by business establishments or individuals and can be accessed 24 hours a day. The storage area is assured to be a clean, safe, and secure environment. The storage areas are equipped with surveillance cameras and climate controls to keep the environment desirable for the items.


Rental charges usually cover insurance. Depending on the items, the minimum charge could be as low as $0.30 per pound, but there are valuable items such as dining room sets that would be calculated according to a percent of the value. The coverage will usually cover only a percentage of the value and not 100 percent of the amount.


Not all items are allowable for storage. Items such as acid, gasoline, poisons, charcoal, lighter fluid, fertilizer, paints, car batteries, matches, nail polish or nail remover, ammunition, liquid bleach, aerosols, kerosene, pool chemicals, chemistry sets, fireworks, pesticides, motor oil, paint thinner, ammonia, lamp oil, cleaning fluid, and anything that is flammable, corrosive, explosive or perishable is not allowed within the storage area.


Before acquiring a storage space or hire storage unit, determine if you really need it. Are you storing items that have never been used before or will it ever be used again? If the item is damaged, determine if the repairs are worth the effort and the money. If you want to store clothing items, ask yourself if you will actually the clothes again. Keep only necessary items and those that have sentimental values.


If you determine that you no longer need items, you can opt to donate them to charitable institutions or sell them to make a profit.

For all storage solutions you can visit this website https://twitter.com/aaastorage and enjoy the best services offered.


Truck Tool Boxes

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Truck tool boxes keep your gear from getting thrown around in your truck bed. The tool box is a reliable storage area to store the gear you don’t want to get damaged. You can also lock it to protect your valuable items.

It seems some of the more sought after truck tool boxes are the ones made from diamond aluminum tread plate and boxes made from stainless steel. These are usually polished or powder coat finishes. Others on the market are made from molded plastic products, and steel. There are a lot of these truck tool boxes on the back of pickup trucks all over United States and Canada.

These truck tool boxes come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your needs as well as specialty boxes, storage boxes and chest you can even use at home. There are boxes made that sit along the side of your truck, up under your truck and even boxes made to fit on the tongue of trailers. If you do any type of hunting that requires a dog, there are dog boxes available that are like a kennel underneath and a place to store your rifles, guns and other gear above. You can get single lid, double lid, shallow well, deep well, low profile and more. The trailer tongue storage boxes are very convenient allowing you to store items in an easy to get at place, protected from weather and thieves.

If you have a truck tool box or want to purchase one but also want a tonneau cover don’t despair because they make tonneau covers to suit truck tool boxes. This allows you the best of both worlds.

If you buy power tools or other electronic tools and carry them in your pickup truck, I don’t have to tell you how important it is to keep them dry and locked up. A truck tool box is the perfect answer. Not only are the tools locked up but just as important they are out of sight. Most of the time thieves don’t bother with what they can’t see.

For a great investment for your valuable gear, to keep it protected from the weather, thieves or to just keep it from rolling around in your truck bed, get yourself a truck tool box. You won’t be sorry you did.